Apply For Loan (Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator)

Important Information

Minimum & Maximum Age21 – 68 years
Minimum IncomeAbove ₹5,000
Credit ScoreAbove 750
Employment TypeSalaried or Non-Salaried
Employment status employed/OccupationAtleast 2-5 Years
Work Experience1-3 Years
Loan AmountDecided by lender
Maximum EMIUpto 65% of the Income

Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator Overview

What is loan eligibility calculator? 

To avoid any hassle and make sure to check your personal loan eligibility before applying for the loan. Your loan eligibility depends on a few factors including your age, monthly income and type of employment. After knowing all part of your eligibility, go to www.grdindia.in personal loan EMI calculator to know more about your monthly repayments.


Loan Eligibility Calculator is one such calculator in which we can know our loan eligibility in a matter of seconds. You can self-assess your loan eligibility through the criteria on other given site by online method, and check whether your age, work experience and monthly remuneration falls within the specified limit. In this calculator you have to feed some of your information about loan and then you only have to click on calculate, the site will show you eligible amount & monthly EMIs.

Factors that Affect Personal Loan Eligibility

AgeThe first and foremost factor that a lender/financier considers when you applies for a loan is your age. Generally, financial institutions try to limit the loan tenure to the retirement age of the primary applicant. This means that young professionals (early 20s and 30s) can avail loans with tenures of up to 25 years without any hassle. But it can be a bit tough for older applicants especially for applicants over 40 to be eligible for the extended tenure.
 IncomeAny category the applicant belongs to, they must have a stable and regular source of income. Let us categorize it into salaried, professional and self-employed. Basically, if the borrower is a good money earner then there is less risk in borrowing money from any bank.

The people who work in the firm whether they are private registered or government, then these rules also applies on them:-

  1. Should have experience of last 1 year or more in the current organization.
  2. Documents like pay slip, bank statement and Form 16 may be asked by lender.
  3. Must be a co-applicant or guarantor too.
Independent professionals

This category includes doctors, dentists, architects, engineers, management consultants, chartered accountants comes under independent workers/professionals. These people are required to submit bank statements and ITR papers to take the loan.

Self employed

If you have your own company or your own business, or you have any other source of income like rented property or share holder then you come under this category. If you have solid proof of your income like bank statement or tax related documents then you can easily apply for loan.

Cibil score

Your CIBIL score plays a major role in getting your loan document approved. The Bank checks your past credit payments from Credit Information Bureau India Limited. This company keeps all of your past credit records, and your relationship with lenders. If your old record is not correct then it can greatly reduce your eligibility.

Loan tenure

If you choose a longer tenure for your loan, your eligibility will improve and it can extend even further. Your EMI will also be low and manageable. But the downside is that you’ll end up your loan paying more interest.

Outstanding loans

If you have taken a loan in the past, then always pay it on time and try to repay your loan as soon as possible. Apply for another loan only after you have settled your previous loan. If your old loan goes unsettled, it can take a toll on your eligibility, and your loan approval may get rejected.

How to Improve Eligible Personal Loan Amount?

Here we are going to tell you some innovative ways, with the help of them you can improve your eligible home loan amount.


While applying for home loan, you can make your own spouse or any family member as your co-applicant and can take joint home loan together. In this response the income of your spouse or your co-applicant will be considered and it increases your loan eligibility and amount.


You can choose a longer tenure of your home loan to increase the eligibility of your loan amount. This will also reduce your monthly installments and make it easier to repay the loan.


As we have already told you that you can add your life partner or your parents or any member of the household as a co-applicant for your loan. Provided their income should be fixed and their CIBIL score should also be good.

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